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Oral sex causes mouth cancer! by: Mini Tangas

health information, mouth cancerDid you know that the activity of oral sex can cause mouth cancer? A study from The John Hopkins University School of Medicine scientists say that the activity of oral sex is one way of migration of human papillomavirus (HPV) is the virus that causes cervical cancer from the cervix into the mouth that could caused the emergence of mouth cancer.

One study also noted the number of people with mouth cancer every year it increased during the last ten years, exceeding even testicular cancer and cervical cancer itself. On average these patients were those aged under 45 years where their sexual activity is high.


Although oral sex is one of the causes of mouth cancer but you do not have to worry too much, because the risk of cancer of the mouth outbreak through oral sex is still fairly low at 1:10,000 people. Instead of cigarettes is still a major factor in cancer of the mouth in addition to alcohol. Both high-risk 30 times more carcinogenic than oral sex mouth. But a good idea to stay alert, remain loyal and not change of partners in sexual intercourse is the best way to avoid yourself from cancer of the mouth. Another approach is to first check-up you and your spouse to your teeth and gums clinic for STD testing or oral health checks to ensure that you or your partner does not carry the HPV virus. This is mainly done for couples wishing to marry.


Vaccination also is an alternative to prevent the outbreak of the virus HPV, but HPV vaccination is only carried out for women, especially young women, while for men can only do vaccinations to prevent cervical cancer is done through injections for 6 months with a fairly high cost.

Couple Sexual History

Not sure about the sexual history of partner sometimes makes you feel unsafe oral sex although the test results stating that you were not carrying the HPV virus. For that it would not hurt if you wear protection or condoms during oral sex. Although I was not a fun way for your sex life and partner, but the safe play is better than no treatment?


Early detection of mouth cancer can increase treatment success rate. Alert in case of the membrane around the mouth wound that never healed after three weeks, or a lump-emergence of small bumps around the mouth red and white. Immediately contact your doctor immediately if you experience an indication the outbreak of cancer in your mouth.

Breast cancer can be prevented! by: Mini Tangas

health information, breast cancerMonth of October designated as 'breast cancer month' seems an appropriate moment to reflect on the impact and prevention of diseases that many women feared that.

Several years ago, experts thought that breast cancer is a disease that is not preventable. But now researchers have a lot to know how to prevent, or at least reduce the risk of breast cancer. Some attempts to minimize the risk of breast cancer can be done medically or natural (alternative therapies).

The approach of medical terms are:

1. Breast Cancer Prevention Drugs.

Women with high risk, namely the survival / survivor of breast cancer or who at least have a blood relationship with cancer (mother or sister), can get treatment 'tamoxifen', which works by blocking the effects of estrogen trigger tumors.

2. Before the attack cancer mastectomy.

For women from families with genetic risk is very high, there is a mastectomy for breast cancer prevention. It is a radical approach, but most succeed. Mastectomy breast tissue is lifted, but not entirely, so the chances of cancer is still there.

Prevention is naturally include:

1. Raga playing regularly.

Research shows that in line with increased activity, the risk of breast cancer will be reduced. Exercise will lower estrogen levels produced by the body to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

2. Reduce Fat.

Some studies show that low-fat diet help prevent breast cancer. However, a recent study states that the more important is the type of fat and not the amount of fat consumed.

Type of fat that trigger breast cancer is the saturated fat in meat, butter, foods that contain full-cream milk (whole-milk dairy foods) and fatty acids in margarine, which can increase estrogen levels in the blood.

As for the type of fat that helps prevent breast cancer is the unsaturated fats in olive oil and omega-3 in salmon and other cold water fish.

3. Never Too Mature Meat Cooking.

The way you cook the meat will affect the risk of breast cancer. Meats cooked / baked produce carcinogenic compounds (amino hetero cyclic). The longer cooked, the more these compounds are formed. Hetero cyclic Amino most numerous in the layers of grilled meat outside (skin) and charred black.

4. Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables.

The more fruits and vegetables you eat, the less risk for all cancers, including breast cancer. Foods from plants contain anti-oxidants are high, including vitamins A, C, E and the mineral selenium, which can prevent cell damage that could be causing cancer.

National Cancer Institute (NCI) recommends to consume fruits and vegetables at least 5 (five) times a day. But to avoid fruits and vegetables that contain lots of fat, like fried potatoes or banana cream pie.

5. Consumption of Anti-Oxidant Supplements.

Supplements can not replace fruits and vegetables, but an anti-oxidant formula could be a food additive that can prevent breast cancer.

6. Consumption of fiber.

In addition to functioning as anti-oxidants, fruits and vegetables also contain lots of fiber. Fiber foods will bind estrogen in the digestive tract, so the levels in the blood is reduced.

7. Consumption of foods containing Soybean / protein.

Foods derived from soy contains plant estrogen's (Fito-estrogen). Just as 'tamoxifen', these compounds similar to estrogen the body, but much weaker. Fito-estrogen receptor bound to the same cells with estrogen the body, tied it out of breast cells, thereby reducing the effects of breast cancer triggers.

In addition to blocking estrogen the body to reach the cell receptor, the food was also accelerate expenses estrogen from the body.

8. Consumption of nuts.

In addition to soy, Fito-estrogen is also present in species other nuts.

9. Avoid alcohol.

Many studies have shown that the more alcohol consumed, the risk of breast cancer increased because of alcohol increases estrogen levels in the blood.

10. Control Your Weight.

Weight gain per pound after the age of 18 years will increase the risk of breast cancer. This is because in line with increased body fat, the hormone estrogen as a trigger in blood breast cancer will increase.

11. Avoid Xeno-Estrogen's.

Xeno-estrogen means estrogen that comes from outside the body. Women taking estrogen from outside the body especially from iatrogenic hormone residues found in meat and residues pesticides iatrogenic. Suspected xeno-estrogen's may increase blood levels of estrogen thereby increasing the risk of breast cancer.

The best way to avoid xeno-estrogen is to reduce the consumption of meat, poultry (chickens, ducks) and dairy products (whole-milk dairy products).

But you do not have to worry about eating lots of fruits and vegetables, because the effect of anti-oxidants and fiber content more than pesticides residual effects.

12. Bask in the sun.

The increasing incidence of skin cancer (malignant melanoma) make us afraid of the sun. But a little sunlight can help prevent breast cancer, because at the time the sun on the skin, the body make vitamin D. Vitamin D helps absorb calcium breast tissue, thereby reducing the risk of breast cancer.

In order to get the sun for 20 minutes / day, is recommended to walk in the sun in the afternoon or evening. But if you want to get calcium or vitamin D from sunlight not, you can try to consume food supplements.

13. No Smoking.

14. Routine To Breastfeed Your Child.

For reasons still unclear, breastfeeding associated with reduced risk of breast cancer before menopause.

15. Consider Before Doing HRT.

There are several good reasons to do HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy / hormone replacement therapy) after menopause, which reduces the risk of heart disease, osteoporosis and Alzheimer's disease. But HRT will increase the risk of breast cancer.

Talk with your doctor and consider the risks that may arise, because most women a higher risk for heart disease than breast cancer. Finally, one more thing that can affect the risk of breast cancer is stressful.

Medical literature states that stress can increase the risk of breast cancer. But research on this is still controversial. But it never hurts to start how to overcome stress in your life through meditation, yoga, tai chi, gardening or other leisure activities.

Healthy guava by: Mini Tangas

health information, guavaGuava fruit familiar magic in our lives, have multiple health benefits. This fruit is very rich in vitamin C and some types of minerals that could ward off various types of degenerative diseases, and maintain body fitness. Leaves and bark contain antibacterial substances, which can cure some types of diseases.

Guava taxonomic ally belongs to the family Myrtaceae, genus Psidium, guava species.

Guava plants including shrubs (height can reach 10 meters) that quickly adapt to the environment and has a good regeneration power. Guava can be grown in all kinds of climate and land at an altitude of 5-1200 feet above sea level.

Historically, guava from Central America, specifically Brazil. From there it spread to Thailand and then to other Asian countries, including Indonesia. In many countries, guava is the most important crop for the original population. We have planted guava throughout the world, especially in tropical countries.

Multipurpose plants

Guava tree is a much branched shrubs. Part of this plant is often used for a variety of human needs is the bark, leaves, and fruit.

Utilization of bark and leaves in the field of health has a long history and still continues to this day. Guava leaf is often used for treatment of diarrhea, gastroenteritis, and other complaints related to the digestive tract.

Guava leaf compounds rich in flavonoids, especially quercetin. These compounds have antibacterial activity and that contribute to the effects of Antidiarrhoeals. Poly phenols are found in the leaves are known to have antioxidant activity.

Like guava leaves, bark of this plant also has antibacterial activity. Extracts from both parts of this plant in vitro is toxic to some bacteria causing diarrhea, such as Staphylococcus, Salmonella, Shigella, Bacillus, Escherichia coli, Clostridium, and Pseudomonas.

The most important part of the guava plant is its fruit. Fruit can be consumed in the form of fresh or processed into various products such as jams, jellies, pasta, lunkhead, and juice.

Type of the guava

Guava fruit shapes vary from round to pear shaped, and the aromatic scent. Sweet fruit-flavored, sweet and sour, or acidic. Taste and aroma of guava very distinctive due to the compound eugenol. Thin rind is green to yellowish green. Seeds varied from very few to about 500 seeds in a fruit that weighs about 150 grams. Harvest the fruit can be done throughout the year (do not know the season).

Guava fruit size varies, from a diameter of 2.5 cm up to more than 10 cm. Cashew is favored by the general public is soft and thick flesh, sweet taste, a little seed, and large fruit.

Type of the guava in the world there are around 150. In Indonesia, which is widely planted cashew types breadfruit, guava and white milk, cashew apples, cashew Australia, palembang guava, guava frangipani, guava-week market, cashew brittle red, pink cotton candy, guava juice, and guava determined.

Vitamin C is best

Guava fruit is said that very special because contain high nutrients, like vitamin C, potassium, and iron. In addition, also rich in non-nutrient substances, such as food fiber, components carotenoids, and polyphenols. Guava fruit is free from saturated fat and sodium, low fat and energy, but high-fiber food.

Vitamin C content of guava fruit about 87 mg, twice that of sweet orange (49 mg/100 g), five times the orange, and eight times the juice (10.5 mg/100 g). Compared to the water rose and pink balls, levels of vitamin C in guava much larger, ie 17 times the rose-water (5 mg/100 g) and four times the rose-bol (22 mg/100 g).

Besides functioning as antioxidants, vitamin C has a function of health care and stimulate capillaries; prevent nutritional anemia, ulcers, swollen gums and bleeding (skorbut disease); and prevent tooth dates. High doses of vitamin C can increase the body's immune system against various infections. Thus, we are not easy to be sick, like flu, cough, fever, and others.

Vitamin C helps the absorption of iron and can inhibit the production of nitrosamines, a substance triggers cancer. Vitamin C also contribute to the formation of collagen which is very useful for healing wounds. The availability of sufficient vitamin C in the blood can promote the work of selenium in inhibiting cancer cells, especially lung cancer, prostate, breast, colon, bladder, and brain.

In essence, guava can be As with the main source for vitamin C your body needs. Consumption of guava weighing 90 grams per day was able to meet the needs of adults daily vitamin, so as to maintain the health and fitness.

Vitamin C in guava peak near mature. Most of the vitamin C guava concentrate on the skin and outer flesh soft and thick. Therefore, guava should be consumed with the skin.

Source of potassium and fiber

Guava also contains potassium about 14 mg/100 g fruit. Potassium function increases heart rate regularity, activates muscle contraction, regulate delivery of substances other nutrients to body cells, control the fluid balance in the body tissue, and lower high blood pressure (hypertension).

The workings of potassium in the body is the reverse with sodium (trigger hypertension). Therefore, in the daily diet is recommended to consume sodium and potassium in a 1:1 ratio. Food processing by using the salt tends to increase far exceeds potassium sodium.

Guava is also a source of food fiber (dietary fiber). Fiber food useful for preventing various degenerative diseases, such as colon cancer (colon cancer), diverticulosis, atherosclerosis, heart disorders, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and kidney stone disease.

Consumption of food fiber Indonesian society is still very low, ie about 10 grams / person / day. In fact, consumption of fiber foods is recommended 20-30 grams / person / day.

Guava food fiber about 5.6 grams per 100 grams of meat. Type enough fiber contained in the guava is pectin, which is a type of fiber that is soluble in water. Fiber that is soluble in water has a major role in lowering cholesterol, which binds cholesterol and bile acids in the body, and help their spending through the process of defecation.

Thus, the fiber is soluble in water useful to prevent atherosclerosis (blockage of blood vessels cause of coronary heart disease and stroke). It kind of fiber also plays a role in lowering blood glucose levels, so a very important role in preventing diabetes mellitus.

Stay fit and healthy in old age by: Mini Tangas

health information, Stay fit and healthy in old ageSo far, many people believe the myth that says the more twilight age of a person, the less mobility, alias no longer nimble due to osteoporosis.

And as long as we have good bone structure and maintain healthy body, you can remain active despite a grandmother.

Osteoporosis is a natural process. However, along with the increasing human life expectancy, osteoporosis is a problem. Without strong bones, a person may be trouble around in his old age.

According to Catherine Armstrong, naturophat (health practitioners) from Australia, the problem can be experienced bone anyone, not always the elderly. In some cases there are children with bone diseases.

To get strong bones, the consumption of foods containing calcium, such as cabbage, onions, garlic and eggs are good for the growth of young bones. And of course calcium.

Not only from the milk

Figures adequacy average calcium recommended in Indonesia is 500 - 800 mg per person per day. In old age and menopausal women tend to recommend experts intake to about 1000 mg / day.

Milk does contain lots of calcium. But calcium is not only obtained from milk. Calcium can be obtained from green vegetables (eg spinach), fruit, broccoli, and tempeh and tofu. Nuts and seafood are also rich in calcium. If necessary, add a supplement containing glucosamine.

Armstrong recommends arthritis sufferers to choose fish in the sea, like salmon, tuna, or mackerel. \ "If there is inflammation in the joints, fish and fish oil is recommended. Because they are rich in anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids such as Eicosopentaenoic Acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA)," he said.

Before choosing a fish oil product, you should test anti-mercury, considering the chemical content is too high in fish can be toxic. To cure your fingers are stiff, Armstrong recommends ginger and ginkgo biloba for blood circulation.

If one of your family members have the disease of arthritis, then you should be more careful. Exercise regularly and avoid some foods, such as eggplant, potatoes, tomatoes, black tea, fruit acids, red meat and reduce the consumption of sugar.

These foods have different effects on each person who suffered a bone problems. There's a good idea to conduct a survey yourself by trying any foods that make your illness worse.

For people with bone disease, Armstrong suggested that they do not exercise too heavy but still makes the whole body moving. Swimming, walking, pilates or tai chi is one of them. Consult a doctor or fitness trainer before you choose one type of exercise.

Tips to keep your ear health by: Mini Tangas

health information, earEar infections in children under five is not a rare occurrence. The most common cause of how you clean the ears wrong or is there another cause. "Cleaning the ear wax is actually quite limited to just the ears, do not need to get to the ear canal," this can be prevented by therapy ear (ear Theraphy)

To the ear canal, precisely at 1 / 3 part furry outer ear, there are oil glands or serumen. This serves to prevent the entry of dirt, insects, and bacteria. In normal circumstances these glands will release the oil little by little, melted out of the ear lobe Theraphy follow. Waste like dirt or soft clay, but will dry by itself. Once dry, this gland will produce oil again. So it works in a natural ear cleaning. But if the ear canal too often stimulated, these glands will remove excess oil which was less good for the health of the ear eg ear wax candle / ear candle.

If known there had hardened dirt near the eardrum, should immediately be sent to the doctor or ENT specialist can also using the ear candle / ear wax candles. Usually the doctor will give eardrops (carbolic glycerine 10%) to solve the dung. Dirt sprayed broken or scraped out. Infections that may arise due to irritation of the dirt was overcome by administration of antibiotics. Follow-class spa ear candle for ear health.

In addition can cause infection, this fossilized feces will cause ear ache or a bit deaf after a swim (do therapy with ear candle spa). For the incoming water will be blocked out. In fact, if the blocked ear canal side only, can cause dizziness or vertigo (spinning), especially when you swim in cold water.
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